About collaboratehealth®

collaboratehealth® was founded under a very simple premise that emerging communication technologies could dramatically improve patient care and satisfaction, while at the same time increasing the overall ROI for hospitals and healthcare providers. From this simple idea our vision of a digital collaboration platform that enables healthcare professionals to seamlessly monitor patient wellness was born.

Our Values

We strive to be our customers' most trusted partner with a culture driven by mutual respect for our employees, customers, and partners. Our values align with our mission by empowering employees to:

From Hospital To Home, We Are Here

We understand the challenges hospitals face with regard to chronically ill patients and the complexities of remote patient care. We believe that digital communication tools, when effectively implemented and supported, are true game changers for our customers and their patients.

We have designed our solution specifically to address the 30 day early readmission challenge, and you can count on our mission driven team to enable your success.

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