The collaboratehealth® Difference

With fewer staff members and costly 30-day readmission penalties on the rise, hospitals and health systems face enormous pressure in delivering exceptional care. collaboratehealth® is focused on patient readmissions and has developed a solution to remotely manage post-discharge patients. The collaboratehealth® solution enhances timely patient engagement and simplifies the complexities of remote patient care.

With collaboratehealth®, there’s no need for healthcare providers to assemble and manage disparite Telehealth, RPM, and other collaboration solutions. The collaboratehealth® platform handles it all to improve patient compliance, greatly reduce unnecessary readmission costs and increase patient HCAHPS scores while significantly improving patient outcomes.


How much can collaboratehealth® save you?

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Annual Readmission Cost Reduction:


*Based on actual collaboratehealth® program results and national readmission cost estimates.


Case Study:

US Based Health System

Learn how collaboratehealth® dramatically improved results for a large regional hospital.

  • 60% reduction in readmission rates
  • 9.7 out of 10 patient satisfaction score
  • $7M annualized savings

One Solution to Handle It All

collaboratehealth® utilizes proprietary software and processes to deliver a proven high return on investment.

Flexible Workflows
Patient care workflows are fully customizable and extend from existing hospital care protocols and systems for clinicians to better manage patients and provide comprehensive care support.
Remote Patient Monitoring
The cloud-based care and monitoring platform provides connectivity to devices for immediate access to key patient health data, monitoring of critical heath measurements and other key patient data real time.
Actionable Insights
Advanced data collection, analysis and reporting provide insights to drive ongoing improvements in care protocols, operational workflows, and outcomes.
Secure Communications and Data Access
Platform meets HIPAA and SOC 2 standards providing the highest levels of information security, privacy and compliance for patient communications and care data.
Timely Alerts and Notifications
Provides vital, time-sensitive information for a specific incident or situation that requires immediate action or attention by healthcare clinicians.
Highest Impact Conditions
Allows for monitoring of any patient discharge condition, including Acute myocardial infarction (AMI), Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Heart failure (HF), Pneumonia, Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery, Elective primary total hip arthroplasty and/or total knee arthroplasty (THA/TKA).

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